At Don's Machine Shop, Inc. we believe one of the keys to serving our customers better is to keep all of our machinery and the buildings they are in maintained and clean. We are constantly upgrading and adding new machinery to keep up with ever-changing technology.

All of our CNC machining centers, CNC turning centers, wire EDM machines, and waterjet cutting machines are directly connected to a computer system which can receive e-mailed drawings. These drawings can be converted to program format and sent via direct interface to any of these machines.

A complete listing of the capacities of our machinery can be found here

  • Hartford HMG-135B Precision Machining Center

    The high rigidity, oversize colums with 4-step gear-driven spindle head provides greater stability during cutting and is capable of 0.02mm boring center accuracy and 0.01mm positioning accuracy. This unit can handle X-axis of 98.5", Y-axis of 75", Z-axis of 59" and widths of up to 28".

  • Hwacheon Sirius UL+ and Vesta 1000

    Our Hwacheon Sirius UL+ Vertical Machining Center for dies and molds has the ability to reach speeds of 20,000 RPM and handles up to X-axis 43.34", Y-axis of 23.62" and Z-axis of 21.65".

  • EDM - Electrical Discharge Machines

    Our three EDM machines permit the precision manufacturing of any electrically conductive material of any hardness up to and including 11-1/2" x 19" x 22" with quality verified tolerances of +/-.00005".

  • CNC Machining Centers

    Our 15 CNC machining centers provide a broad range of machining capabilities from high speed small machining centers up to our largest machine which has a capacity of 24" x 34" x 120"

  • CNC Turning Centers

    Our 6 CNC turning centers provide the capability of machining material up to and including 25" diameter by 51" between centers with a turning length of 44". Our largest machine has a 4" bore through the spindle.

  • CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

    Our Mitsubishi CNC horizontal boring mill has a capacity up to and including 62" x 62" x 62".